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Fragments of Urban Culture


We are working on deconstructing the fossilized structures and relationships of contemporary urban (sub)culture. To increase benefit, optimize cooperation and find synergies regarding our relation to an economized and distant mainstream.

Due to its own lack of authentic creativity, the dominating (up)culture has to substitute its demand for cultural innovation by absorbing or exploiting the chaotic potentials of the underground. We believe that (sub)culture does not have to be extinguished or dominated. We believe essential resources are and always have been only provided by an avant-garde, being necessarily a group of unconventional individuals.

The unavoidable scarcity of the unconventional is a constituting, structural element of the mainstream culture.

Therefore understanding and strategically using a wide range of cultural and aesthetic phenomena, particularly those addressing the social and political circumstances of our collectively experienced and ongoing fragmentation, is the key to complete the elementary task of the [f.u.c.].

Thus the implementation of sophisticated individual projects and their public presentation is not only the visual evidence of a growing network. Furthermore it is a symptom of the successful strategy to overcome a never existing paradox, a myth, which authentic and chaotic cultural underground seem to be trapped in.

Berlin, as a multinational vibrant metropolis, is the starting point of this network. Our love for this city, its peculiarities and its problems, its high creative potential and small backyard niches where lively and usually isolated fragments lay hidden, are a daily inspiration for our work and the continuous reminder of the untamed energies that keep us unpredictable.

Thank you for taking the time


[f.u.c] them all.



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