étape 12 – September 3rd 2017
étape 11 – August 13th 2017
étape 10 – August 6th 2017
étape 9 – July 30th 2017
étape 8 – July 9th 2017
étape 7 – June 21st 2017
étape 6 – June 11th 2017
étape 5 – May 25th 2017
étape 4 – May 14th 2017
étape 3 – May 1st 2017
étape 2 – April 17th 2017
The Grand Départ –  April 2nd 2017 

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Cycling is ambivalent. It’s a warm sunbeam on your arm, a cooling wind on your sweaty face as well as burning legs on a steep climb. It’s your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time. No Ying without a Yang.  

Nonetheless riding your bike means to overcome barriers – not to build them. Therefore and due to the complexity of living in a constantly changing city like Berlin, [pedal] sees itself as the counter opposite  to the stiffness of traditional cycling clubs and venues. Our goal is to create a space where you can ride your bike in an atmosphere that acknowledges the challenges of modern city life. Because cycling is far more than just getting from a to b…

the institute for horizontal movement

Wir sprechen auch deutsch.  

[pedal advisory]          
Our rides take about 70-80 km by approx. 28-30km/h but are adjusted to the group. For safety-reasons we recommend that you wear tightly fitting clothes and of course, a helmet. If you’re not into group-riding yet feel free to ask one of us for advice (for example when to give signs, group-ride-etiquette etc.). Needless to say that you’re bike must be in working order, because we all ride at own risk. That is why we stick to the traffic rules at all times. Safety first.

For more info contact:
pedal [at] fuculture [dot] net

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